Building a better Wargrave together.


Our goal

To improve how our neighbourhood looks and to increase the opportunities for people to enjoy
their environment.

Projects planned

Community Garden – following the design and consultation work we funded in our first plan, this
allows for the construction of our community garden
 5 allotments created for local residents
 3 schools engaged
 30 volunteers identified and trained
 1 apprentice secured
 1 new public space developed
 An increase in biodiversity in the area
 Increased interest in natural world and horticulture
 Greater access to fresh vegetables
 Increase in participation and community cohesion
Environmental Audit – this will allow us to identify the green spaces that can be enhanced as assets to the area and help us to tackle the issues that impact negatively on our environment such as litter, dog fouling etc.
 capture local opinions and perceptions of greenspaces
 current users and uses of sites identified
 a prioritised list of sites in most need of improvement
 identification of where environmental projects can support and contribute towards other plan themes
 an action plan for the implementation of new environmental projects