Building a better Wargrave together.

Community Chest

We know that there are lots of people and organisations who have their own great ideas for making life better for Wargrave residents – the Community Chest fund is your chance to make these happen. We have put £15,000 in to the fund and are looking for about applications of up to £500 each – if you have bigger plans please get in touch as your idea might be something we can include in our delivery plan.

We want to hear from local community groups. If you are an established group with your own bank account, and we like your idea, then we will probably give you a grant to run your project on your own. If you are a local person but don’t have a group behind you we will help you develop your idea.

Application Form

Community Chest Application word


Community Chest Guidelines

If you require a word version on the form email or for more information contact Graham 01744 417663